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Wrecker had the idea in another thread and I think it's brilliant most of the people in the forums (aside from the people who just complain cause their banned) are honest people who just want them game to improve and ya know the little guy needs an ally so how about we start clans based only on people in the forums

We could even have set requirements 
Must be a member+ (3 stars or more) 
Must be active in forums
No kos(unless br or players just a dick)

I think it wold be fun you know I got a base in clem and some great clan members and I offer asylum to all I don't kill unless I'm attacked first and if by chance you do kill me I have plenty of clan members who will take u out 

Also while I'm bragging 

I have way more supplies in my base then I can manage I'm more thenergy happy to help you out so long as ur honest and u don't try to kill or steal(not that u could if u tried)

But anyways us2 Merchants forum members only let me know if your interested

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