bannable offence maybe?
well this shit was just out of the blue

[Image: c.png]

So I've taken several more screens hots their still online talking shut for no reason

[Image: iw22cl.png]

there were a few more but i accidently overrided them saving the new one sooooo....i guess u would just have to take redsnows word as a witness he was there
It's not ban-able, but if I was online it would have at least lead to a warning and if persistent, a kick.

My rule: don't feed the trolls. if you start arguing with people that are verbally abusive, you already lost the discussion. just ignore them.
I was mainly talking to redsnow cause we were building a base and then they just started out of the blue I ignored them for a while and went about my business until they showed up where I was and tried to kill me (of course i killed them) then they got worse and worse finally I just got off cause they were annoying me
i hope we get an ignore button really soon, idiot isnt even that bad, i wonder if i'll ever get reported for calling someone a NERD, this is online, different personalities different cultures, an ignore feature is the only option to keep things peaceful as well as keep your community growing, it can save on seeing anything racist, how many people have been banned when a simple ignore feature could have saved the day, and if too many ignore 1 person, then his chat logs need reviewed to see why everyone is ignoring him
I agree with rectem and idiot isn't that bad no but I had other screenshots that got deleted they used other words not so innocent lol but that's not really what I care about the game doesn't need toxic people plain and simple
sometimes the toxic people just want your reactions, like a child acting up, after being ignored for a short while they usually stop their attention seeking behavior, and thus most of them reform, just saying those are potential community members that just need minor discipline...
I'm a perfect example, although some of the mods here intentionally try to antagonize me, to which i respond appropriately, then they try to act innocent like they werent trying to provoke me.. Either way i was almost banned, but the ignore button can be the best of both worlds, it can grow the community by letting people ignore the toxic folks and also play the game how they enjoy
I agree completely

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