ingame voice chat

I remember hearing you, during the photo shoot, that you were in fact working on voice chat for the game.  With the Discord channel going official, will this still happen, or will we just use the discord channel as the official voice chat for Survius?

Just curious??
Ingame voice chat is actually pretty expensive. Besides it may cause more lag in this unstable alpha version

So until the game is stable? I think we have to depend on external servers.

But as chaozz said he is working on it, he is working on it Tongue right?
I am trying to get into the discord game API program. it's a closed beta of some sorts, and seems like an ideal solution for Survius.
Good for us Smile
Quote:Hey there,

Thank you so much for submitting an application for Discord’s GameBridge Private Beta and showing an interest in bringing Discord’s communication experience to your players. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept you into the beta at this time. Stay tuned as we move forward with GameBridge - there may be more opportunities for us to work together in the future.

Again, thank you so much for your interest. It means the world to us.


Well, I guess that answers that question.
Why? Sad
I don't know really. It sucks too, because it would fit the game perfectly, because it's a hosted service. Smile
They are missing the chance to work with a genius and with an awesome game. You'll find the way as always and thanks for always improving.
Much appreciated BlackPaladin.

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