KCZak's Tips for first time players
First and foremost...Welcome to Survius Island...and the Survius Community/Family.

I recently wrote a few "Rules to Remember" (If you haven't read them, go do that now) and thought I'd follow it up with some Tips for First Time players.

- First, you'll be called a Noob, newbie, nerd, it's not an insult, it just means your new at this, we've all been there.

Game settings:
Chaozz, the creator and developer of this game, has given us a plethora of graphics options.  If you have an older computer and Survius seems to run slow or laggy all the time, consider lowering your graphics settings, which in turn will lower the demand on the GPU which hopefully will let you play, it just won't be as "pretty".
  - Fastest setting from the game menu is the least demanding, then once ingame, hit (esc) and toggle off the grass, wind, etc..you can also bring your draw distance in to ease up the demand on the GPU.  Again, you'll sacrifice graphics quality for stability.

Your starting equipment.
  - you get nothing, but an empty backpack.

Stuff to put in your backpack.
  - an incredible amount of stuff will fit in your backpack.  Everything from a can of soda to a pile of planks.  Each spot holds one item.  Choose them carefully.  To "drop" an item, Right click on it from your inventory page.
  - if you have an axe, and want to use the bat instead, you must click the axe, move it to an empty spot in your inventory, then move the bat to the axe position.
  - when/if you die, you lose everything in your backpack.
  - If you find the "crash screen", simply exit properly, with (esc) quit game and you have a great shot at keeping your backpack items, but will respawn somewhere.

Spawn Points:
  -There are half a dozen or so spawn points scattered around the island, nothing across closed bridge.  
  - There are pictures of the spawn points floating around this forum, it's a great tool to use and reference your position on the map.

  - Similar to all the other "Crafting"games, you have to build stuff.  C is your crafting menu, it gives you the recipes for the items you can make.
  - You CANNOT craft your starting weapon.  You have to find an axe.  It's the ONLY thing that will allow you to chop wood.
  - As you chop on a tree, you'll see a countdown,  going down to 1, then you'll hear the log fall into your inventory.  
  - logs make planks, planks make foundations and walls, and crates.

Base Building:
  - You should build a base, it'll be your home, your sanctuary, your refuge, where you bring that special someone home to meet mom.
  - Foundations must be laid first.  Think carefully about where you put your foundation, you may want to be near water, a town, a tree.  Look around, find a good spot.  Some have even built around a tree.  It's nice to be able to chop wood from inside your base.
  - Stairs can be tricky, and lead to a really big base. 
  - Windows are cool, but really not needed.  They are a vulnerability if you have them.  Seedy players can use a window to exploit your crates, Think of it like this, if I can see your crates, i can open your crates, if I can open your crates, I can take what's in your crates.
  - Use a double door system, like an airlock.  This lets you lock up your base BEFORE you actually leave, so if some seedy player is waiting at the door for you, yeah, he'll kill you, but at least he won't get into your base.

  - Call them zombies, walkers, biters, scratchers, Z's whatever...It's the undead.  Ok, these guys may look dumb, standing around a burned out car, but if you get close enough they'll "notice" you and let out a heck of a scary moan and start chasing you.  Now they run, so you run, if you walk, they'll catch you.  It's easy enough to out run them, and eventually they'll lose interest in chasing you.
  - Of course you can kill the zombies, in fact, you want to kill the zombies.   You can kill them by shooting them if you have a gun, hitting them with an axe, hitting them with a spiked bat, heck if you're ballsy enough you could probably hit them with the machete, even your hands.  
  - Best way to dispatch a Zombie, is to elevate yourself, whether on a car, truck, crate, or raised porch of house.  Zombies can't jump, but they CAN and do climb the dead bodies of their own till they reach you.  If you're taking out lots of zombies, clean as you go by "hiding" the bodies with "E"
  - No need for head shots, 1 shot to the chest, or 2-3 whacks with the axe or bat.  Bat has a little longer reach.
  -  Zombies can hurt you if they strike you.  You can get infected, which is only healed by antibiotics, they can cut you, which bleeding will only stop with a medkit, or they can hit you and harm you, but not infect or cut you.  You'll notice that by a red "tint" around the edge of your screen.

  - Clans allow you and your friends to "share" resources.  Mainly bases.  Anyone in the same clan can enter, add-on to, build, destroy any other clan members base. 
  - Clan members can use your supplies while you're not even logged in.  They can leave the front door wide open.  
  - Be careful who you invite into your clan, and whose clan you choose to join.

Cars, Machine Guns, and Rocket Launchers:
  -Cars are scattered around the map, mainly near the (Shocker) roads.  You'll have to find one not all beat up if you want to drive it.  Press "D" from the driver side to get in.
  - If you can collect 8 pistols, you can "craft" them into a pretty mean machine gun, but it'll eat clips like crazy, be sure to have plenty of ammo in you bag.
  - Rocket launchers are found on the military base, but you have to drive a hummer into the crates on the airfield.
  - None of the above is true, EXCEPT there are cars scattered around the map, but you can't drive them.  So DON'T ask for these things, they aren't going to happen.

  - You can find an Axe, Spiked Bat, Crossbow, 1911 Pistol, Machete.  That's it....no knifes, no chains, no laser swords.  All will do the job.
  - Axe's and Spiked Bats are usually found upstairs of the houses, or in the lofts at the farms
  - Guns can also be found upstairs in the beds??.  Clips are scattered about the map.
  - Crossbows, Machetes and arrows are only found in the hunter's blinds/huts.  These are in the woods, where you find the deer.  Usually near the farms, and such.

  - You can and should hunt for food.  One can live alone on canned corn and kiss beer, but it's a rough life.  
  - Deer can be shot with the crossbow arrow, or the pistol.  If you use the pistol, you'll scare the rest of the herd far far away.  Crossbow is silent, they'll run when you come to harvest the dead deer, but you can drop a deer, reload, and drop his BFF too.
  - You MUST HAVE a machete for a dead deer to be useful.  Only the machete will harvest the deer.  You must equip it in the axe position.
  - Harvested deer will yield you 2 raw deer steaks, and one deer hide.
  - DONT be a jerk and kill deer if you don't have a machete.

Cooking with Fire:
  - Once you have matches, you can craft a fire.  Fire can be used to boil water that you've collected in a canteen, and cook raw deer steak.
  - Do you have to cook the meat or boil water.  Nope, not at all, but you should.  Raw meat or "dirty" water will make you sick.  Only Herbal medicine will cure you of this.  AND, eating raw or unboiled water, won't yield you the same amount of nourishment.

-  Running is pretty much the norm in Survius, thankfully, we can run for hours without getting tired.  However, be careful running off the road.  If you run down stairs, or down mountains, or even across a bumpy field, you can stumble/trip and cause damage.  Do it enough and you'll die from fall damage.

That's about it for now...Now get out there and make a name for yourself.  And don't forget to drop Chaozz a fiver euro to get access to the super cool custom shirts to wear ingame.  Don't be a plane jane with the typical gray shirt.  Stand out...

Very good post. Just keep it updated. If it gets outdated it will be removed (like the others)

And try to make it somewhat more attractive
Nice job Kc,I don't think I could have done better. Heck, I know I couldn't. LOL
how do i make/join a clan?
When you log in, there should be a "Clan Management" button

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