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I made a wiki, this will be helpful for noobs and in the future when there are many items/crafting recipes, etc.

This link takes you to a random page, feel free to edit, add images or other content, correct mistakes, create missing pages, flame, post spam, etc!
[align=center][color=#3366ff][font=Times New Roman][i]For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.[/i][/font][/color][/align]
how does the save system work, will my structure be saved? i started building a structure, just got the roof on it, walked far away maybe a mile down the road, came back and my crates and structure were GONE...... if i cant save things then there is no point i playig the game
Wrecktem, your building will be there until it despawns. 3 days before it despawns it will change color and ask you to repair it, the same goes for all craftable objects in the game. (This isn't the proper place in the forums to be asking this question.)
The wiki has had some updating by myself and (I think) chaozz, so feel free to check it out and add more to it
Yes, I have been working on the wiki today as well. I added all graphics from the game so they can be used in the articles.
It looks awesome now! I am working on that too... (cant find anything, everything already there xD)
Things I know are needed: look on various pages for red links (pages that don't exist) and make them and add a catagory to them, add pictures to pages that don't have any, and there are a few things that still don't have pages, otherwise make sure chaozz and I didn't screw any of the info up XD I probably made a few mistakes
I did try to put pictures in all pages but stats still need some, i might keep putting pictures in new pages as they get added.
any Wiki admin could add the following code to the page ?

<iframe width="800" height="500" frameborder="0" src="" style="border:0; max-width: 100%;" allowfullscreen></iframe>

If it works (following this discussion), it should show the interactive map on the Map page
Dude this is so cool, should be prohibited lol, kidding. Very good job.

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