Pre alfa test?
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Hello guys, i can't see downloading files on this homepage, have you an idea for the pre alpha test release date please ? I m a PC survivor fan player (i have playing almost all pc titles) and this project may be very very interessant ...At the moment I' m trying pre alpha "Aftermath survivor" (very good PVP game) but i m interesting to play and test Servius too. Many projects never sees the light of day , can this be able to do?...

Hi DarksunD,

A first alpha version is actually to be released this month!

I am working very hard to get it as much as I can done before the end of March. It's going to be a struggle, mostly because as soon as I make an alpha available people will start having an opinion about the game. And I'm not sure if I am ready to have my baby judged like that yet Tongue

But yeah, stick around. An alpha is due very soon.
Hello, thx chaozz for your great work, i m very happy to read that alpha release is for this month...Nice!!!!!!
Its right that Aftermath survivor is a very good project,but not free when will be finished i suppose.I'm playing too, so see you later on a server DarkSunD, prepare to die! ;o)
Cool Matteoo, I'm sure you will enjoy Survius.
Hi guys, this project will be good i m sure. THX DarsunD for your information and this homepage adress, i m here and ready to play!!!!!! :o)
Congratulation for this big Job Chaozz, we are here to help u to finalise it playing the alpha(s) version(s).
On the starting block we are!
Thats cool. I'm working on campfires and modelling the island.

Here's a sneak peak of an untested and unrevealed feature Tongue

[Image: campfire.png]
Dude, that look awesome Big Grin
Cant wait to play itBig Grin
Any expected date for game that can be played by everyone of us? Big Grin
Yes. You can already sign up for the game at

You might get an invite to join the closed beta I am having this week. And else you will get a download link on the 31st of March.
Ive followed this game for ages now but only seen one playable character is there a female option or can u custom the default toon at all ?
I have register me, Nert my username

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