minimum system requirements
seems that it will run on windows 7 and newer? im on win 8.1 laptop
runs on intel hd graphics -32 mb of video ram
a celeron 1005m processor, dual, 1.9 ghz

does anyone got anything thats more toastier than this?
Can be run on Windows XP x64 (that OS was recalled so I really don't think many players will be using it, but it should run on XP x32 as well).
That's the only thing I have that's worst. I run XP x64 and 10 x64.
i just figured the limited ram slots would affect xp, i think its 4 gb max? or 2.. wither way, if you're running x64, we all know xp was the last of the mohicans lol, whats the difference in gameplay between 10 and xp? one smoother? crisper? does dx12 (win 10 graphics?)
? do anything for the game?
I'll just say that XP x64 and x32 were very different under the hood, x64 took XP and server 2003 and smashed them together.

XP x64 can run the same ram as other x64 OSes, so Survius plays about the same as it would on Windows 7 or 10 (whichever runs better on your PC, some run one better than the other for whatever reason).

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