Game Architecture
"Wall on wall"

Make 2 foundations, one attached to the other.
On foundation 1, make pillars and roof
On foundation 2, make a ladder
Climb to foundation 1 and make a new foundation(3) over the roof of foundation 1
On foundation 3, do pillars and walls.
Destroy foundation 3 (just floor )
Destroy foundation 1 (just floor )
Make foundation 1 again, do pillars on it, do a ladder (2) (which will be protected from a home invasion due to the higher wall  )

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and the benefit of this is?
I have no idea either, besides a very high ceiling and ventilation gaps between your walls. Tongue
For advanced architecture of bases, this means you can save space protecting the ladder with the extra walls.
lets say u want to build a 2 stored base, the ladder foundation would be vulnerable to a box-ladder attack, benefit is quiet obvious.
I think we'd have to see it for it to make sense. Do you have this built somewhere?
(01-25-2017, 11:52 AM)chaozz Wrote: I think we'd have to see it for it to make sense. Do you have this built somewhere?

Ladder protected.

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HA! here i thought u were talking about the OTHER double wall build, where u put 2 walls SIDE BY SIDE and create a double wall, like a double paned window..... here you're talking about a DOUBLE HIGH wall, the one im talking about prevents the "look in base glitch" with the proper camera angle, really effective to block spies, yours is different than what i was talking about
I build this whenever I have to, security is number 1 when building.
Circular wall-fence/any shape.

Benefits are quiet obvious and possibilities are endless, hope to see you using this and making cool stuff.

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Its been a while since I updated this thread, here is something ive always wanted to do, take a hill to build a base on top and make a fence around it, its not finished but it looks nice so far, the main benefit of the fence is to deter posible intruders willing to sneak outside your base waiting for you to open your door and kill you. I know that anyone could just build some boxes and pass it, but it'd be a real obstacle in their way to your base, and give you time to deal with them.

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