Which other zombie survival games do you play?
So, besides Survius, which other zombie survival games do you play?

I'll start off. I played WarZ before it became terrible, and now I occasionally play DayZ. Today I bought Dying Light for my PS4.
im surprised you actually find time to play other games being a developer, probably getting ideas for your own game as well, me personally im a l4d2 multiplayer kinda guy, the multiplayer is second to none imo, but there isnt a survival game that fits my needs, other than minecraft, but this mix of minecraft and zombie survival is a perfect notch for what i was looking for, atta boy
Just because you're a dev doesn't mean that's all you do. We have lives and play games XD we'd go insane otherwise.

I've played the Forest and 7 Days to Die with friends, but they don't run well so I don't play them now, but I do play Codename Cure from time to time.
None now that I found Survius Smile but last I played was No More Room In Hell
I never have interest in zombie survival game before. The first zombie game I play should be a game mode within the MMOFPS game, CrossFire. The zombie game mode don't really interest me at all - my favourite will be the Ghost mode (not zombie).

Anyway, my interest in survival game only started six months ago when I watched some YouTube video on Ark: Survival Evolved. I came across this game when I was browsing for indie survival game on itch.io. This seem to be a good game to me.

The last zombie game I played will be Infestation: The New Z. It is a very good game and I really like the unique game play. However, they do not have server within my 'normal' ping range - I live in Asia.

I haven't play Survius yet. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy this game and become part of a growing survival game community. Smile.
Beside Survius, I play No More Room in Hell and Unturned.
for the moment no one
but my first zombie game was resident evil on playstation one
thats more than 20 years ago
damn im old :p
I forgot all about Project Zomboid and 7 days to die. I have played both in multiplayer as well.
I played Aftermath till they closed all the servers for the game and killed it off...Now I only play this game.

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