Version 0.6.4
This is the discussion thread for Version 0.6.4. Post away!
Windows download has a weird name lol (the download does work)
Yeah, thanks for the update I'll check it now.
The download does not work on mac

can u add a new feature,

that is we can see ourself and our clan members in the map, it is so hard to find each other, please please add this

THe game still does not work for mac
(01-17-2017, 10:27 PM)Unda Wrote: You need to realise its paper map.

but still come on
even in minecraft we can see ourself
why i can build a safe anymore?
it says wrong soil to plant seeds
i dont plant
IM BUILDING A SAFE??????????????

sorry my falt
i wast still in version 6.3 Smile
When we break our old foundation, we cant place a new one there
(01-17-2017, 10:01 PM)chaozz Wrote: This is the discussion thread for Version 0.6.4. Post away!

i have found that the new update 0.6.4. is for some reason much more laggy than the older versions. at first i thought it was my wi fi but then i asked the people on the server and they said they where having off and on heavy lags just like i am. also me and 3 of my clan members looked literally at place known to us and have not found seeds, we came to the conclusion that we are really stupid or theres a bug there. if its just that we are stupid could you tell me where they spawn. Big Grin  thanks, csa2020.
It will be more laggy in the first minute of gameplay when new items are being spawned in. It should run smoother after that initial laggy-ness.
Chaozz, never change paper map to like minecraft map with waypoints and etc. paper map and navigation, its main things which make game different! Smile

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