Building an Outpost
As someone once told me: Build defensive 1x1 or 2x2  outposts in strategic locations.  I use 1x1 when i want to throw something up quick that i will just temp use.  2x2 for a more permanent  outpost. Keep it small so it is not like maintaining an additional base.

My last 2x2 outpost was designed as follows:

>Double doors
>3  (exterior)windows with walls behind them
>1 window (interior)
>storage crates filled with ammo / food /drink
>sleeping bag

Further explanation:

The double door is pretty obvious. If someone kills you when entering your outpost, and gets inside. They can't access  the main part. I had one interior window pointed in that area so, when I re-spawned in the out post I could see if it was clear to go shut the exterior door, or shoot at them if they were inside.

The exterior windows were pointed in the areas I wanted to cover. 1 was by the exterior door so I could look out side to make sure no one was waiting there to axe me (although if you want to be cheap you can just stand next to a wall and turn, which will let you see through it. ) All windows had walls behind them. For example: If I was standing firing out one window, someone could not shoot me in the back through another window. I also had my sleeping bag in a section that was walled off from the windows. That way no one could kill me when I re-spawned. My crates were also behind a wall so no one could access them through a window.

I would basically bunker down, wait, and kill.

Problem with this current design it has 1 blind spot.

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