Design a t-shirt
some animal series (awesome tiger and wolf from Freepik)

and an (anti)festive christmas grinch pijama

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If these and the bags don't get added, I'm gonna be upset Sad
and the christmas tree!!
I will be very upset if we don't get the new back packs and shirts... Just saying.....
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Hi guys
do you remember?
Have once made an update with the new logo of Survius.

All t-shirt as a tga files ....
is just too big to post here.

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nice, just needs some adjustment, scale the text about 50%. Maybe check the ones that have been uploaded before as a reference of how big the text needs to be. Good work.

See how they look:
here are some templates divided in layers so they're easy to edit:

.xcf file is used in GIMP
.psd file is used in Photoshop

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