Design a t-shirt
The client wraps these around the player model. You have to download the file in the main post (it will look just like these but with different designs) and you can open them in Gimp or Photoshop to edit. You don't get to see them wrapped around the player, you just have to imagine lol.
i can imagine, but how do u determine which part of the shirt is front, which is back. and so forth, thats why im curious exactly how these textures are able to be wrapped around a player model in their current form, they look silly and like theyve been packed in a suitcase lol, but now since he posted a few different ideas, ill fool around and have a look see
by looking at the examples given here.
i see that now, gosh, wait til u see my submission.... everyone is gonna wanna purchase it for a low donation fee of 2.00. btw i got u on by the end of the month, hawlidaes are tight
Not sure about this one, or if it will wok as intended, but I tried haha

[Image: shirt_Police.png]
Should work as intended. Nice looking as well. Can't wait to see Wrektem's response to it XD
I was planning on doing more shirts and I have a silly question. Is black #000000 handled as transparency? For example if I wanted to make a rip in the shirt or cut off the sleeves maybe to make a tank top. OR would I just use actual transparency? OR can this even be done?

Thanks for any info!
According to my knowledge, you cant rip/make clothes transparent, they need to be a tshirt. Cause i think the full body is not modeled.

there is a big chance I AM WRONG but referred to @Chaozz
Well I am taking a little break from the game for a bit. The time I would normally use gaming I thought I'd use to design a few new t-shirts. Here is the first.

My dirty hippy tee. Spread the love not the hateĀ  Heart

[Image: Dirty_Hippy.png]
should totally make the shoes into sandles somehow...i mean hairy toes and all

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