Design a t-shirt
Thanks, perhaps others can use that to create some cool outfits.
For those post apocalyptic killers, who want to spread a little brightness and love while slaughtering their victims.
Dude, amazing! I love it. Please do more if you have time.
krazy u can design in game outfits? i didnt download those, id rather see a SS added here, but i have a few ideas for some shirts for ya for our diverse player base
Just t-shirts using the existing ones as templates. I would not be able to make any new outfits.

[Image: newtees1.png]
i wanted to get into learning how to make some skins for the existing templates, seems kinda hard, but u should make country specific colored shirts, the main countries i see play this are BRAZILIANS, AMERICANS, CANADIANS, ITALIANS, and FRENCH, a few russians, chaozz ill pay u 2 dollars for an american themed shirt
Nice looking shirts!
Thanks Mohenjo Daro. How about this Recker?

Mr America Tee Big Grin

[Image: shirt_Mr_America.png]
Most of these (if not all) will be in the next update.
how does editing these work? is there a program that wraps the textures around a player model? or how does that work?

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