Shut yer piehole
In another thread a question was put to me and TopKnight: Why did we build such a retarded structure over someones base? Namely Mr. Wreckers. Here's my answers. 1) You have in fact killed me a couple times Mr. Wrecker. Got some decent items off me too that I was transporting back to my base. 2) You had a massive "Tent chimney" off the top of your base which in my mind is exploiting unfinished game mechanics just the same as all these boxes I see, like stairs onto someones base. In essence, you're a cheater in my mind. I cannot speak for the game dev to this regard but either way that's how I see it. 3) You run your mouth more than anyone on the server (at least anyone I can understand). You're rude, call people names, no noob doesn't count, and generally make the chat less pleasant to view. So when it was suggested that we, as builders, stick it to you in the best way we know how, I was all for it. Now, on a few positive notes, I am a fan of your constant battles with our Brazilian population as it tends to keep them away from our bases when we want to build in the open so cheers mate keep up that good work. You have pvp skills that I do not posses so go you once again. And sometimes, on rare occasion, you can be somewhat amusing in the things you say. Once again though, this is a rarity. Now, I will never try to take you on face to face in game. I will lose simple as that. BUT when your lil eyes need to rest, pray I haven't found your base because you will never be able to expand anything you build so long as I know where you are. Take this however you please Mr. Wrecker. I care not. Happy hunting.

P.S. I have a job thank you very much
This has not place here on the forums.

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