rant about us1
I am legit about to lose my mind if somebody doesnt fix us1 i can hear myself walking in the game after 30mins of waiting but clicking pressing buttons does nothing and the stupid loading screen isnt going away and it is really annoying
Reinstall the game using the installer you downloaded from itch.io. If that doesn't work, exit the game using task manager (right click survius.exe and end all processes). Wait about 3 minutes, restart, login. Wait about 1 minute in the server browser screen, and then click your server.
try new account, just to see what happens
No, don't try a new account. Multiple accounts are a nightmare if you ever get banned.

How slow is your internet connection? The loading object screen mean the game is downloading all buildings etc into the game. US1 has the most buildings as far as I can see, and I can't help to think your internet might be too slow to handle the download of all this data.
I have very good net (horrible network card so 2.5mb) and froze while loading US1 last night, there were 8-10 players the times I tried joining. Maybe the server stops trying to log you in after a few minutes?
There isn't a timeout built in yet, when loading the objects. I could build that in later.

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