Version 0.6.2
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You're the best, chaozz!
@chaozz You forgot to upload updated version for Mac OS. And so I sticked on version 6.1 which is not able to log in.

PS. You updating this game pretty fast which is nice, keep it up Smile
Mac link is fixed!
itch app still says im on "game 26633, version (Survius 0.6.1 (Mac))" and when I check updates, it says i have the latest version. I also tried reinstalling the game - still no luck.
did you click the link on the page? i don't know how the itch app works tbh, but I uploaded a new version at 02:31 this morning.
I am using Surviuv through itch app, and there it's not updated yet - weird. But now I am downloading this from their website Smile
Can you add the ability to open boxes. in a few people? as it was in 0.6.0 ?, it is terribly inconvenient so you need to leave aside. In addition to the Windows platform, after a few minutes of playing it is the slowdown that you have to restart the game.
Crates can't be open near other people because some players have abused it and duplicated items.

It should only slowdown/lag if you are the host computer (this is also not really fixable)
You're right, but that would cause the game to lag even more for everyone (I have been talking with chaozz to see if there is a different way). For now this is the system being used because it affects game speed the least.

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