Version 0.6.2
This is the safest way with the less impact on speed.
game is super but need to add more guns, clothes, helmet, vest, cars, and repair bugs.
I agree on that. But can you donate some money kindly to buy the textures, animations and scripts to add those things.

I belive the developers fund over this game is empty. So you help, he creates.

Appreciate your suggestions.
how i can donate ?
(01-03-2017, 09:50 PM)Mohenjo Daro Wrote: Crates can't be open near other people because some players have abused it and duplicated items.

It should only slowdown/lag if you are the host computer (this is also not really fixable)

ik this is late but i highly disagree what should be done(or what should have been done) is have dedicated servers no client should ever be the host need to get a nice laptop with some good wifi and run it connect it as "system" and keep it on all the time so the clients never have to host cause currently people leave and rejoin in an endless game of hot potatoe with being host because nobody wants the lag basically when your host your a dummy waiting to die you cant run,chop wood, do anything
ok, great idea. will you donate a server then? or are you just presuming dedicated servers are free? I'm not even talking about coding.

and one player is indeed a the master client, but he's not the server. all players do the exact same thing. and they all do "server"-like tasks, like managing your own zombies, loot, etc. The only thing the master client does extra is spawn in loot and zombies at set times.

I'm sorry this ruins the game for you on a low spec laptop. But don't blame the game, blame the laptop. Or buy me a few servers off course.
Chaozz, if the only extra thing that the host does is spawn things, why do they lag badly all the time? It isn't just lag when during set times, they have the lag every moment and it doesn't (usually) get better or worst at the spawning times, it's usually a constant, horrible lag.
I don't know. Hard to test too because my pc never has this problem.
chaozz, are u aware that most of your player base uses a potato to run this game in the first place? sure some play it because they cannot afford dayZ or H1Z1 or whatnot, but i bet 80% of ur player base downloaded this game because of its ability to run on inferior hardware, hence, why u RARELY see the grass in anyones screenshots,
is there a way to give host to the best connection instead of forcing the whole lobby to log out and in just to find that one person who can handle host? im just curious what options there are to help remedy the plaguing host issues, maybe u need a detailed report of what exactly is happening when that 80% player base gains host and lags, because it seems the host gains all kinds of loading tasks, maybe its not the host so much doing it as it is the HOSTING PC HARDWARE SPECS...... i know when i gain host i drop down to under 1 FPS, idk if thats because im gaining all the loading/rendering of in game objects, or if its because i just gained 10 players and my internet is moving super slow
also, how much is a server to run per year, what if i just logged in my 2nd pc and just let it lag to all hell after it gains host, so noone else on my server has to suffer the AIDS of being host lol, can we log in a "DUMMY PC" and absorb the traffic?
I don't think that would help if it were a bandwidth issue as you stated. Plus you'd run into the problem of the dummy PC character/account dying every 30 minutes due to thirst. But think the idea of determining the best host available would be a good move.

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