Version 0.6.2 Bugs and Suggestions
After 3 months, a new version (6.0, 6.1, and 6.2) is released just before the new year. Round of applause for chaozz. 

Lots of previous bugs fixed.
Lots of tweaks.

So this thread will be updated as soon as new bugs are discovered (by you players).

Have fun with the massive update Big Grin


1) Spelling mistake in F1 page. (recypi> Recipe) Tongue  

2) You can not pick up a trap that is disarmed or dropped by a player (including yourself) -- fixed in dev build

3) You can not fold a tent -- fixed in dev build

4) Fire barrels seem to duplicate when interacting with them. -- possible fix in dev build

5) Items like safes and crates can be built over other person's foundation, which sometimes causes blocking someones base.  -- not going to fix in next build

6) In default, the mouse sensitivity is set to 0. It creates confusion to new  players that their mouse is not working. --fixed in dev build

7) All doors of natural houses are duplicated. Still not sure but I didnt see a normal non-duplicated door. -- possible fix in dev build

8) Foundation walls,doors and fire barrels are disappearing frequently.  -- fixed in backend

9) Days survived is inacurate. -- fixed in dev build
A player can open someone else's door (not being in the same clan). I saw the thread and logged in to test it (so I can say the bug does exist).

What happens is pretty simple...
1) Player runs over to a random door
2) Player tries to open the door
3) The message "This door is locked" appears but the door still opens
4) the game registers that player as the new owner of the door

As the new owner, they can open the door without the locked message, repair it, and destroy it. (This part was also tested by me when I noticed I didn't get the locked message anymore).

So we can open each other's doors which gives ownership of them. I suggest when this bug is fixed that all doors in the servers are wiped if possible, otherwise a server wipe of structures will be needed since a player can go and claim all the doors before the bug is fixed then have control over doors the true owners of can't destroy and only block. It would pose a lot of problems.
Yeah already lost much because of the door bug...
Lol. I thought i was having internet issues. Great fix.
Two bugs I found this morning:
* You can not pick up a trap that is disarmed or dropped by a player (including yourself)
* You can not fold a tent
whats wrong with this game
i make a door i log out and back in
door is gonne
i do this 2x
door always gonne
gggrrr Sad
yep, I want to report as well bug - disappearing walls with doors. Also I just found out that "a fire barrel" disapeared as well, but weird - not all of them. It affected the fire barrels that I placed this morning after update 6.2. The one that I placed before this updated stayed untouched. I cant tell the same with locked doors. For me all of them dissapeared in one home, but in second home they for now visible...

This is really confusing, because right now all my goodies are unprotected xD
yeah ive just built a door to replace the lost one and now its gone... Ive built it like 10 mins ago
I noticed the disappearing bug too. Added to the bug list
When you got Flashlight on and pick any loot with E, Flashlight is switched off.

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