Version 0.6.0
(12-30-2016, 12:31 PM)chaozz Wrote: I really want to focus on the Windows build. I can not support Linux and Mac. I read reports that some objects don't render in for Linux users, making them able to walk into bases etc. On Mac I heard people couldn't hit people with guns or trees with axes.

If that part about the Mac is false, I can do a test build.

I have a suspicion the linux users were running the windows client. The rendering problem you mentioned is part of the "weirdness" I mentioned before using the windows client with wine. If there is any lag in the game the zombies are sometimes invisible. I did not encounter this problem when using the actual linux client. But it is hard to say, as you know there are so many different distros, flavors of linux. Just because I didn't have any issues with the linux client does not mean another linux user did not have issues.

At least if linux users still want to play bad enough they can with some minor annoyances (the keys also go out of sync when there is lag).
Thanks for that kRaZyKiLLa. I'll put out a Mac build again now every new version. Linux remains unsupported.
Had no time play yet or read threads, just thanks for Christmas release.
Thread locked. Post in the new thread for the current version.

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