Version 0.6.0
Sure. I'll compile a Mac build.
so you're saying if i set a tent in the wilderness, get killed immediately after i lay it, and thats my new spawn for as long as the tent is deployed? so i have to sit there and get spawn killed or just leave the game for 1o minutes?
Guys, thank You for the good news. If there will be weird about mac version, I will keep You inform about that.
I've already spent in game 3 full days having great fun, without any weird issue.

Guys, I am waiting on itch for this version! Smile
Thank You!
Uploading the Mac build right now. Should be up in 10 minutes.
Mac build is up.
thank You chaozz ! Smile You're great!
I downloaded the game, and had quick play - wonerful!
Wrecktem, that's exactly what will happen. Not just a nice loot holder now lol, you have to think about if you want to place it.

Lmao, well the buildings wipe killed me, I forgot I was building a water base and spawned on the water to fall and never move XD
the game is fucked up
everyboddy can open doors
clanmembers or not
I hate the fact the there's a new update and I don't have a computer to try it out Sad
Zimmi is right. If you open a door that isn't yours, it says it's locked but still open up then it give you the new ownership of it.

Seems that we can't change our skin color (maybe the rest of the appearance either?) where you can click apply but it doesn't save.

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