Hi guys,

I heard there were new updates so I reinstalled Survius.

I love the changes. They will improve the game experience a lot. I see the playerbase has grown too.

I only have one issue at the moment, and that is the performance. When I last played back in April I was getting a solid 30 fps, now I am struggling to get 10 fps even with lower settings than what I was playing at previously.

Any chance you could look into optimization tweaks?

Are you the only one on the server when you get that low FPS? Or has everyone who was one before you logged out or logged out and back in? Most FPS issues are because you are the host computer meaning your computer is doing a lot more calculations and causes a lot of lag.
When I read this thread, I remembered that when I started playing the game, I could be the only one in the server and it would run smoothly.

However, with some update ( I think it was the series of 5s) the game started giving the problem of lag if you are the only one in the server

What caused it? what happened can be fixed?
Yes, I was the only one in the server.

I forgot that the first player is the host. Today I played on EU2 and I was lagging very hard, 5fps ish. Last night I was on US1 and it was lagging but not as bad, between 10-15fps but the animations were not smooth. I am in the US so that probably explains the performance difference between the servers.
I noticed the lag too. It happens only at dawn and at dusk because of the rendering/unloading of collectible items. And after the introduction of stairs and also too many bases in some servers also cause lag. Chaozz could though check if optimization is needed or not.
I remember when I joined and it didn't matter if I was the only player or if they're were more people, lagged about the same until there were more than 5. Later updates made it lag horribly for everyone, then further updates made it lag horribly for just the first player because they do part of the server's work to save other players from lagging as much.
(12-11-2016, 12:36 PM)DarkCoder Wrote: It happens only at dawn and at dusk because of the rendering/unloading of collectible items. 

It was midday when I was lagging hardest.
Same here, I lag all the time. The tasks the host computer does (being the first/only player makes you the host) does a lot more than just spawning items/loot. I know you spawn the zombies, but only chaozz knows for sure what the host computer does.

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