And yet no one is sharing pictures of these rabbits

Are you guyz blind or something? How long have you been playing Survius Huh? 

There you go... raw rabbit.

Chaozz they are useless because eating them cause sickness and there is no cooked version either. So please add cooked rabbit.

[Image: rabbit_stew.jpg]

*oops... didnt notice the windowed version... sorry for that... (Really not feeling to edit and reupload xD I am lazy)
God... now I feel dumb. I never saw a rabbit before, and I thought I had seen and done everything in the game...
I'm with Naj here... Probably phutushop XD
O_o... chaozz..... is this really phutushup??? Am i lying?????
Trees keeping more secrets than just logs...

[Image: Wolpertinger.jpg]

When setting a trap somewhere in the woods, you have a chance to trap either a deer or a rabbit.
So you can't see a rabbit until it's caught? Aka, the deer or rabbit just magically show up when they get caught, they don't need to wander into it?
Hahahah lol really???? Wth??? I thought you were really trolling us.... and i made photoshops to troll as well xD

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