What'd You Do Today?
This is a fun thread that you can tell everyone what you did today in the game. I guess if you feel like it, you can tell what you did in real life as well.
I ran around frantically finishing repairing the clan base since the whole 1st floor despawned (woops). After that, I helped shadowrunner out with his base and killed a player that killed him, a lot was going on on my computer so I panicked a bit... Killed another player after they shot at me. And people wonder why I don't like Clemenster...
Today i was trying to edit a old screenshot and when i changed the background of that picture to invisible my laptop shut down, then i got worry because i could not turn on the laptop.
I did open it to see if something was burned, but it was all fine then after sometime walking around and thinking what could that be, i just give a look below my desk and guess what ?
My dog was there playing whit the battery cable, he basically pulled it off, and since the laptop was not having the battery it got shut down. xD
i made a post today, only to have it altered by a moderator of this forum, no need for a persoal grudge, plus i feel thats an abuse of power and very unprofessional like of a super moderator

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