Wrecktem_Recker's Bugs
This is an old bug and the reasons are as follow:

1) 2 people shot him

2) Duplicate shot: You shot the first bullet, due to lag it was not registered in the server. Then you shot the seconds one and that was registered, and lag stopped first bullet was also registered. Server counted 2 kills lead to 2 bodes.

The above are also followed by the behavior of zombies and entities. That is why you cannot pick up items when you are near someone. That duplicated it and people abused this bug.

Think of an idea that can remove this restriction and fix the bug.
--- Fence bug ---

lol i just had someone try to kill me through the fence, said he shot me 4 times all the while i was t bagging on the other side, later he called me a hacker, just so everyone knows, this may be a BUG, or it may just be intentional programming, you CANNOT shoot through the fence, sorry "aleloale", you can only shoot through the fence near the fence posts
Prior to build 5.10, I was reliably able to both kill and be killed through fences. Haven't tested it since the latest update, but unless he intentionally changed this without stating so, this is indeed a bug.

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