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Even though they are talking about a hacker there no name mentioned on it is. Next time please try getting an actual name

also please do not create a post about where this is where they should be reporting hackers because we will not always be looking in this thread.
He speed hacks, kill everyone on sight, destroy bases, WE ALL KNOW IT, Chaozz has banned people before, why are you doing anything ?
You emailed me about this person as well right? In that case this case is closed.
--New hacker found---
Name: Senhor_Maldoso [eu1]
Server: eu1
Hack type: 50x speed and possible other hacks.

Verified by some top players including kilo11, kelly, retardo and the hacker himself claimed hacks in Portugese language (thnx to google translate)

next time i will try to record... but these time u can have chat screenshots of players agreeing to ban.
#ban #he_will_join_again #ban_ip_mac

chat screenshots: 
[Image: Untitled.png]

[Image: Untitled2.png]

[Image: Untitled3.png]
Name: HausenbergGood
Server: eu1
Hack: Super Speed | Fly | Teleport | 1 hit kill | Kill from distance |

This time we got hack footage babe

Link :
#ban #ban_perma #ban_ip_mac or #new_account
Banned. Thanks.
---New hacker found!!!----
Server: eu1
Hack: Super Speed | One hit kill

I am very sorry for my bad editing and capturing, I did not find the hacker afterward but he was killing everyone


#ban #ban_perma #ban_ip_mac or #new_account
He got banned.
---New hacker found!!!----

Name: ______ and chaoozz (yeah he copyed your nick)
Server: Eu1
Hack's: Speed , Fast Atk and destroying everyone bases in sec's

he said that have more Account's, so ban them too please!

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