Version 0.5.8
Yup... when u shoot while crouched... the crosshair is bit buggy.. not only while shooting but also while interacting or opening crayes and stuff.

Yup... got trapped  Angry Sad

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I don't know if what I'm about to report is a bug, a glitch, or what it is, but this is what happened to me:

I was updating some foundations in my base, but had to relog to see the changes (a bug that has already been reported). When I relogged, all the days I had acumulated in the game had been lost, 22 days!! And I respawned in a different place from where I left. However, I kept all the stuff I had with me when I left.

It wasn't a crash. I didn't die either. Just a normal relog. Can you fix this, Chaozz, so neither me nor other players suffer from this again, please?

I had obtained Wood from a Mountain. I can not to say with precision where it happened, but it was a normal Mountain, was my second-third time playing i thinked that i could mining, i obtained Wood Big Grin If i can i made a screen, i have seen the same counter as whenn we chop threes.
if the terrain is verticle enough, the game will mistake it for a tree. yes.

that is because all trees are seen as terrain by Unity. no fix just yet.
I suggest that when you place a staircase in you base it should open up a hole in roof so you can walk up to next floor.  
ne ways
    *Craftable bow and arrow.....arrows reload on there own. Unlike crossbow and pistol
    *Craftable bicycle
    *Craftable armor.....zombies and some cheap shot pvp are way to OP
    *Craftable clothing....because it nice to not look the same.
    *Craftable just for fun items like,,,kites,birdhouses(which give u eggs),signs,fireworks(fun to shoot at each other like flashnade),fences with gates(can be jumped with box),flags or beacons,flareguns(does no damage and can start temporary fire),wooden dummies(zombies attack them but destroys),.....I will think of more later.

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