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This is the discussion thread for Version 0.5.5. Post away!
(08-10-2016, 05:27 PM)chaozz Wrote: This is the discussion thread for Version 0.5.5. Post away!

my game is giving direct bugs out of nowhere I'm walking then I fall and it appears that bug message
That can only mean your internet connection is dropping too many packets. Are you using a wired connection?
Still nothing to be done about the gangs of player killers then?

I heard you gave up on the airdrop because of bugs. I wandered about for a while, ended up on the north island and tried to explore the wreckage I saw there. Got ganked by some half-wit while stuck between some seats. Other than that, there was some occasional lag. Overall, the biggest problem is, as it has always been, the player killers. Not sure how someone can take 4-5 bullets and still hit me enough times to kill me with a damn axe. Seems like the damage from any weapon is roughly, if not exactly the same, or there's still some cheating/hacking going on here.

Can't i just put up a flag that says, I just wanna explore, leave me the F alone? lol
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Pressing P would have saved you.
I think the hosts are down man
All hosts are up. What is going wrong? Do you get an error?
(08-13-2016, 09:35 AM)chaozz Wrote: All hosts are up. What is going wrong? Do you get an error?

No error, just says "couldn't connect to host"

I am John/Bot Force and I started playing survius not too long ago, and I just wanted to say that Survius has a lot of potential to become something good and big, it is, in fact, a surpringly good game for a free alpha, I am a big fan of survival games, the problem, a good one that I can actually play is hard to come by, as my computer is pretty old and I can't run most of them, not to mention that I'm unnable to afford any games (Under 18 year old with parents with a logic "if you can download without paying, you don't need paying" so I just try to stay as legit as possible).

Point being, you have offered me, and certainly many others a great survival game, and I also wanted to comment because, sometimes these good projects with a high potential, eventually end up being abandoned and forgotten, specially with developers that actually care about their communities and listen to their players' needs (unlike most other famous ones) so please, don't ever stop working on survius.

On that note, I am legitimately impressed by the current quality of Survius taking into account that it is being developed by a single person, it is indeed a great game.

As for bugs, I have only found one so far, is that to go up stairs you have to actually sprint, not sure if it's intentional, but, thought I'd point it out.

And as for lag, I'm pretty sure the problem is just with my computer, though I'll ask anyway, at random points in the game I'll be playing just fine, with great FPS until I suddenly start lagging so much that it becomes unplayable, it seems like it's in certain areas of the map, so my question is, are there areas in the map that would require a bit more computer power to work properly, or are my lag situations indeed random?

That is all.

Keep up the good work, chaozz
Hi John,

Thanks for that message. Means a lot reading these kind of messages. It really does.

I'll keep working on Survius, it's just too damn fun Smile

Stairs are a bit temperamental and could use some tlc. I'll work on them.
As for lag, that is a hard thing to overcome. See, every client is also for a small bit the server. It's all decentralized, so the lag you're experiencing is for example your client spawning in a few more soda cans or medkits.

It's way less lag than before, and I'm sure I'll get it to even less later on.

Again, thanks for the kind words John,

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