Version 0.5.5
Seems to be a bug that doors will despawn after awhile, not sure why or when this happens but I've lost 2 doors from it. This last one disappeared after I left my base for a bit, died, then saw it was gone.
I'll dive straight into it. Perhaps it doesn't get included in the upgrade process since I renamed them in the last patch.
I'm not sure, I think 2 walls also disappeared but not 100% sure
am banned from the game i did nothing all i did was try to stop the hackers and this is the thanks i get....sighh gotmilk will never return chaozz thanks :/
You got banned for cheating 8 times before with other accounts Serial_Killer. So find another game to cheat in please.
Only thing surrender does is give them your stuff. Then they wait and get you later.

I have found that logging out works better, but you gotta make sure you're far enough away that they don't kill you during the log out process.
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Then there's the swearing and racial slurs. The number of player killers seems to have gone down, but there's still some real free range rude still around.
[ The Survius Hermit ]
Only pointing out problems without considering a solution gets me nowhere.
'swearing and racial slurs' are we still in kindergarden ?
Maybe have surrender mode get all players within 20m of the player when they start it and have it stop at 1s until all those players are at at least 50-100m away? Not sure if you're about to do that or if it's a good way to do it, but it's a solution.
You could also have surrender log the player out when it hits 0s, maybe give an option for a random respawn before it logs them out as well? This would keep the player from being there to get murdered when they log back in. If they chose to be respawned then they would drop all of their stuff where they were standing (this would be more so they keep their days survived but can't use it to try and get closer to their base after looting)

Just a couple possible solutions Smile

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