Version 0.5.3
This is the discussion thread for Version 0.5.3. Post away!
(08-08-2016, 07:19 PM)chaozz Wrote: Esta é a linha de discussão para a versão 0.5.3 . Publique distância!
Download link?
The same as every version.
Wow, the update streak is real. Now I know the importance of In-Game Semi Update feature, You dont need to download and install full game, it will remove\add\update previous files.

Keep it up
When you increase the loot in the next update, think you can have zombies not spawn on foundations? Comatose and I had 10+ zombies spawn in our base and we got slaughtered lol. Even with the place lit and the foundations fully upgraded they still spawn inside.
If you have a huge open space, at night, zombies will spawn near you. Keep your rooms smaller and this will not happen.

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