Update 0.5.0 is coming soon
Exactly. And a safe will still be useful when you share a house with other players. Your safe is your personal storage. Boxes for shared storage.

I was thinking, after reading all the comments for this thread, is there a way for you, looking at the gameplay of every user, to identify the hackers, and then bann them? I mean, in-game, we can detect them because of the speed, fast kills, teleportation, night vision, etc, but can you identify them without depending on us to tell you? I mean, something in your programming that tells you when a player does something that wasn't how it was supposed to be... that way you could bann them when they just start using any of this tricks. 

Also, could you add a personal chat/ groupal chat for alliances in-game? or am I asking too much?
I'm working hard on a new version that should be more stable and less easy to hack. Hopefully will be released next week.
(07-29-2016, 11:20 AM)chaozz Wrote: I'm working hard on a new version that should be more stable and less easy to hack. Hopefully will be released next week.

Best of luck... Lets hope it will be worth it. We need to stop the hackers. Keep the update rate up after this.
hey chaozz, great to hear of the updates.

Definitely like the indestructible houses and thus not as much heavy reliance on safes. Hackers are the only annoying issue the game has really. Though I could understand why people have hacked it regarding speed. It is a very time consuming game. I'd hate to have my account killed on account of hackers, it's hard to stay alive with those people, especially if they had an advantage speed-wise. Increasing the game-speed would be good though. I know on Total Annihilation you pressed tab and it increased the speed of it. Is this something you might include in future versions?
It's really not that much work to build a house. And since they will be indestrucable next iteration, I don't see the point in speeding things up. This is a survival game, not Minecraft. Smile
I guess so. Just trying to get around the place it would help though, but I guess it is more like reality your way. I'm glad the houses aren't going to be destructible. Great news Smile
Hi, there will be dedicated servers? Thanks
So you can run your own server you mean? No.
For now I think indestructible walls are a good idea until you get the funds to put int the anti hacking, but once that's don't I'd recommend more tiers for walls, such as wood and iron, maybe stone later on if more resources are added. The highest tier walls can be indestructible but not the lower tier in the long run Smile I love the game so far, keep up the work.

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