Alguns Bugs
Olá, segue uma lista de alguns Bugs que tenho encontrado no jogo

*Durante a noite, apenas para alguns player fica a tela do amanhecer(claro), demorando alguns minutos torna noite de novo ( desvantagem no PVP ) 
*Construir objetos como ( tomates, Blueberry, Tenta ) erro de "próximo a fundação", a distancia não é relevante, não consigo colocar do lado, apenas alguns metros longe.
*Quando um player entra no Clan, e ajuda a construir uma base. se o mesmo sai do Cla os objetos construídos não podem ser modificados pois se tornam "dele", tendo assim parte da base perdida ou inutilizável
*Bug da luz da lanterna, bem chato as vezes some a luz
*Chuva a noite mais clara que a noite em si
*Sumir itens da caixa ou da mochila
*area de "Spawn de Player" proximo a "Clemenster" é inexistente e se estende por grande parte da montanha dificultando a construção
*Mapa ta desatualizado, nova ilha em "Closed Bridge" inexistente. 
*caso não usar configuração minima (graphics fastest, resolution 1024*768) o jogo da Crash, não importa a configuração do pc, ele Crash mesmo assim.

Outas Observações

*Caixas de Ferramenta e machado extremamente difícil de encontrar, o que dificulta novos players a jogarem ou continuarem a jogar, ferramenta básica deveria ter mais facilidade
*Não consigo construir na minha propiá base, depois que um player deixou o Cla da erro dizendo que o objeto não é meu  
*Falta Sistema para localização de você e de membros do Cla
*Um veiculo para locomoção faz falta, poderia ser item super raro as peças e objetos do veiculo
*Sistema para "RAID" (invasão de bases) poderia ser mais simplificado do que 9 dias de ausência do player, tornando assim a construção de bases mais elaboradas 
*Novas ferramentas e armas como visão noturna, arma automática(rifle), craftar c4(bombas) e outros itens para derrubar base e tornar o jogo com mais objetivos.

Essas foram algumas observações, não sei se usei o local certo para publicar, porém gosto muito do jogo e gostaria que mais players online. O mapa é muito grande para andar de apé, um veiculo seria ideal para mobilidade e encontrar loot mais rápido
Hello, here is a list of some Bugs that I have found in the game

* During the night, only for some players is the dawn screen (of course), taking a few minutes makes it night again (disadvantage in PVP)

This is a known bug. The host account will sometimes be 3-4 minutes ahead of other players on the server, so morning / night will appear for them first.

* Building objects like (tomatoes, Blueberry, Try) "close to the foundation" error, the distance is not relevant, I can't put it on the side, just a few meters away.

I think that this is a feature to prevent players from planting gardens inside bases.

* When a player enters the Clan, and helps to build a base. if it leaves Clan, the built objects cannot be modified because they become "his", thus having part of the base lost or unusable

This is also currently a feature. For now you should only accept reliable players into your clan who you know aren't going to build onto your base and then leave. The only option is to wait 9 days until the walls the other player built decay in order to destroy them and replace them with your own.

* Bug of the lantern light, very annoying sometimes the light goes out

Do you have the grass on or off? I've noticed that when the grass is turned off, the places where it would be don't light up when you use a flashlight, because the light is actually hitting the grass and not the floor. Some floors also seem not to reflect much light when using the lowest graphics settings.

* Rain at night lighter than the night itself

This is also a known bug. The rain is still in the experimental phase so there will likely be changes to it in future patches.

* Vanishing items from the box or backpack

This happens when there's an interruption between your client and the server which delays the saving of items. When it occurs, close the container and wait a few seconds then try opening it again. You may have to do that several times until the items reappear. When it happens also don't place or remove new items into the container because it can overwrite the save and cause the items not showing to be lost.

* "Spawn de Player" area next to "Clemenster" is non-existent and extends over a large part of the mountain, making construction difficult

This is most likely intended to prevent players from enclosing player spawn areas by building completely around them. I checked and the area seems to be larger than before, but there's still plenty of room on the map to build in other areas.

* Map is out of date, new island in "Closed Bridge" does not exist.

This is a known bug.

* if you do not use the minimum configuration (graphics fastest, resolution 1024 * 768) the game from Crash, no matter the configuration of the PC, it Crash anyway.

Crashing is most often caused by having an insufficient GPU to run the higher settings or poor internet connection to the server. I currently use fantastic graphic configuration and a higher resolution and don't have any problems with crashes.

Other Notes

* Toolboxes and ax extremely difficult to find, which makes it difficult for new players to play or continue to play, basic tool should be easier

For now you can find tools at the central antenna, Rockridge farm, the Craftfield hangars and at the hangar at the end of the road past the Closed Bridge. Other ways to get tools may be added in the future.

* I can't build on my own base, after a player left Clan's error saying that the object is not mine

This was answered above.
* Lack System for locating you and Clan members

For now it's a feature that players can't see their location on the map. It's been suggested to add an icon to track player location but for now you have to learn the map in order to figure out your location. You can use this tool to help figure out your location, it hasn't been updated recently but it has photos of most of the POI:

* A vehicle for locomotion is needed, the parts and objects of the vehicle could be super rare

Vehicles have been suggested many times, but the map isn't big enough to justify adding fast vehicles. Shopping carts or possibly bicycles or something similar could be added in the future.

* System for "RAID" (base invasion) could be simplified more than 9 days of absence of the player, thus making the construction of bases more developed

Raiding has been suggested also, but the details on how to do it haven't been worked out yet. You can see some of the conversation here:

* New tools and weapons such as night vision, automatic weapon (rifle), crafting c4 (pumps) and other items to take down the base and make the game more goals.

It's unlikely that automatic weapons will be added any time soon, since this isn't strictly a pvp game, but more types of weapons and equipment will almost certainly be added in the future.

These were some observations, I don't know if I used the right place to publish, but I really like the game and would like more players online. The map is too big for walking, a vehicle would be ideal for mobility and finding loot faster.

Thanks for the report. In the future you can check this bug report thread to see which bugs have been recently reported, and add any new bugs you find there:

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