Suggestions 2020
(01-22-2020, 02:19 PM)DarkCoder Wrote: For now I think we'll have

  1. Crafting Table: A placeable object that will replace the toolbox. 
  2. Hand Crafted Axe: Axe made using sticks and stones found around the map
  3. Craftable Tables and Chairs: Acts as furniture.

Please add more suggestions if you have, the above stated objects are actually under development right now since the last time informed by Chaozz Tongue 

From my end, I think flower pots ( would be a great idea too

Thanks I love all the suggestions we had at the moment! I thought about the stone axe which maybe it could be a little more different from the normal axe because it's a kind more difficult to craft due to the stone and cloth requirment? So maybe I was thinking that the stone axe could be a little more fast when chopping a tree instead of using a normal axe?

Another suggestion I had which probably was suggested before it's adding a daily boss which spawn randomly throught the mapThis could be even related to the daily quests suggestion, what do you think?

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