Player Thoughts/Remarks Ingame
Ingame thought bubbles/texts inside the game to help new players understand what's going on.

An example would be that when you are hungry, maybe a stomach growling sound should play, followed by a text somewhere saying "I could really go for something to eat right now"

Same can be done with locations, "Oh a hunter's shack, wonder what's in there"
Or nearĀ a tree "Maybe if i had an axe...."

Open for discussion
Personal chat messages would be good I guess. Like in DayZ.

bleeding: "I can feel warm blood running on my clothes"
hunger: "I'm getting hungry"
thirst: "I could use a drink"
sick: "I don't feel too good"
Sounds cool! With some more colour variation in the chat box (about player joining/leaving colour change etc...) It would be a great way to give beginners some hint on what's going on
Only downside is it might clutter the chat, but it would still be nice for helping new players and telling you how you are without opening a menu

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