Maybe we be able to craft a bigger back pack combine cloth and metal
maybe this is one of the most useful ideas I've ever seen here
(01-06-2020, 04:40 PM)jhonny_kratos Wrote: maybe this is one of the most useful ideas I've ever seen here
we dont need complicated stuff...just simple items...bigger craftable bp or compass... a hunting rifle with craftable scope...craftable ammo(gun powder+metal) maybe you be able to find rock with reddish color and have the chance to find brass instead simple iron metal Dont need repeatable items.....wolfs and deers give the same items for example.
I think the backpack is a good size right now. I wouldn't complain if a bigger one was added, but I just don't see it as needed (I also like having to pick and choose what I should carry around).
yea. the backpack is already a good size ... I just think it would be nice to have a bag with a larger capacity to be able to go around the map to allot cool ... or sometimes when we break into bases and we want to take almost all items ha ha ...
You can always make multiple trips lol, and being able to take all the loot just makes it harder for newer players
(01-06-2020, 10:31 PM)Mohenjo Daro Wrote: You can always make multiple trips lol, and being able to take all the loot just makes it harder for newer players
You know what? youre right....why need bigger bp?Not many bases you can raid anymore(3-4 in us or 2-3 in eu) or why make big runs for food???in half hour you fill your crates and then what???just stay still until you must eat and drink all and repeat???The game is boring cuz there you cant do anything else exept repais eat and drink...Even new players know that...their fun last until make the base and fill some crates....
nemesis ... I understand your point. but is that the game has cycles. maybe not in the best of cycles. but it's a good game until you have several active players ... survius doesn't need much to be good .. it just needs "more active players" .... it really becomes boring to play just to survive hidden inside a base, eating and drinking ... maa when old players are willing to help newcomers without killing them, when friendship and respect arises between players and then a war of clan, there is no other better game ... I was lucky to start this game in the middle of a war. I died 20x and killed 1x and was happy ha ha ... ... when you understand about this game, the bugs are just bugs ...
 it just needs "more active players"

Do you ever wonder why dont have those active members?Yes the game has circles but very very slow and weak...What i suppose to do when i log in after 2 years and dont see big changes and only 2-3 players who gonna leave the game after few days??Yes i try to help them but this is not enough.Like one old friend say "the only fun here anymore is the killing"So we cant just make our base help others be friends with everybody and run all together happy to the fields.Even the pvp can be boring here...One player affraid go out for hunt and loot cuz he dont wanna die....other die 5 times from various reasons curse the game and leave...And i sit watch all this without can do anything...Just remember...there is so many other games outside with better game play..
(01-07-2020, 06:27 AM)Nemesis, Wrote:  ... Um jogador com medo sair para caçar e saquear porque ele não quer morrer .... outros morrem 5 vezes de vários razões amaldiçoam o jogo e vão embora ... E eu fico assistindo tudo isso sem fazer nada ... Lembre-se ... existem tantos outros jogos lá fora com um melhor jogo ..
Verdade! .. existem poucos jogadores ativos por várias razões. Não acredito que a explicação para o baixo número de jogadores seja devida aos bugs e poucos gols no jogo. existem muitas guerras de veteranos contra veteranos ou veteranos contra novatos ... enfim ... é só um jogo ... acho que a idéia de veteranos caçar novatos é legal. O que eu não concordo é que alguns "moderadores" perseguem outros jogadores. acaba sendo um jogo e é algo que eu vejo acontecendo desde 2017, quando comecei a jogar ... isso não vem ao caso agora. mas o favoritismo prevalece ha ha ... ... nemesis, aproveite o jogo o máximo que puder. talvez o chaozz olhe para este jogo novamente, muitas coisas serão resolvidas aqui. até lá, estarei visitando o fórum aguardando boas notícias ...

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