Chat colour & Airdrops!
When a player enters the game, I would find it most helpful if their arrival was drawn to my attention by their name being a colour OTHER than red, in the chat window.
As it stands, now, if there's a lot of (white) chat filling the window, a player's arrival IS noticeable [being a splash of colour (red)] - BUT - if no-one's chatting, and the window fills up with red notifications (players joining, players leaving etc), I often don't notice a player's arrival for some time. I BELIEVE, if a player's arrival was written in blue, for example, it would catch my eye much sooner!

also - 

Has it ever been proposed that the AirDrops contain more of the things that newbies are desperate to find? As it stands, the crates will have 2 - 4 metal, crossbows and arrows and clean water. 

How about, instead: 1 - 2 metal, 1 crossbow at the most, 1 - 2 arrows, 2 - 3 clean water, 1 - 3 food and 1 - 2 gun clips? 
[Personally, I've never found any difficulty in finding pistols (since I travel inland), but I think it can be hard for newbies to find enough gun clips.]
Maybe antibiotics, bandages and herbal medicine might also more randomly appear in AirDrop crates, although I would hate for the other items I've mentioned to be omitted.
Support the idea of different color for player join/leave messages.

About the air drop, im not that sure, but randomizing the loot could prove to be fun. Ideas welcome
I don't really see a need to know when players join or leave. It's not a bad thing to know, but I don't see different chat colors to make it noticeable as all that needed. I'm cool with it added or not added.

Different loot in the air drop would be nice. I can get behind it having set loot and some random loot to spice things up and give players more reason to go for it.
I think it would be great if the chat made a little ping sound if a new message arrives. This could of course be disabled in the setting if you fancy silence. I'll think about the color.
"New player joined! Lets gooo kill them!"
"Player leaved in fear! Great work!"

Anyone need voice actors? :p

Anyway ping sounds cool

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