Base Building Improvement
So the key idea here is reusing the current working building system to make a base , and be able to upgrade your base to different levels, each level means different decay time and a different texture.

- Wooden base: made from wooden logs, the reason is so that new players can get started base building as early as they can, it will be an addition to the beginner's gameplay, a protection and eventually a spawn location for them. A wooden base could have a decay of 3 days.

- Plank/Timber base: By upgrading your wooden base with planks, you increase the strength of your base, so for example a decay of 6 days. 

- Stone base: By upgrading your Plank base with stone. decay could be of 9 days.

- Metal base: By upgrading your stone base with metal. decay could be of 12 days.

[Image: dDfJRot.jpg]
I'm all for more tiers, but they won't really change much in the game right now. The materials required for repairs will need to be balanced to prevent the plank structures from needing more materials over time than the log structures.

If a wood foundation requires 2 wood to repair and a plank foundation requires 1 plank to repair, the wood foundation requires 4 wood and the plank foundation requires 5 for the same amount of time. 3-4 wood should be fine using your numbers.

Stone and metal structures will either need to be cheaper, or have set areas around the map you can obtain them from, otherwise they won't be used since it will take longer to gather the materials for repair them than it takes to repair plank structures.

This idea will be useful later if base raiding is ever added back in, different materials can have different breaking times. But no sense in talking anymore about that right now.

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