Uniquely Unlockable Player Skins
I understand the game is currently under development and lacking more content and depth, but nothing hurts if the dev is able to make some money by having a simple skin unlocking system similar to what we already have but better.

Currently, if you donate $5 or more you unlock an entire catalog of honestly ugly shirts.

The idea is to switch it up to:

<Name of the outfit>
Donate $X to unlock THIS outfit

 (with the outfit being a decent looking, homogeneous shirt, pants and shoes)

Not even a need to automate this process, just change the interface a bit, and people could donate the amount and specify what outfit it is for.
The donation amount can vary depending on the quality and the theme of the outfit. ( alot of fanboys out there will pay for some walking dead similar stuff lol, I know i'd pay for a decent camo outfit ..)

I believe we have designers that are ready to take some of their personal times to design decent skins.

I guarantee this will generate even more donations. And in fact, it is a continuous process because you will keep having new skins and the same people can donate multiple times for different skins.

To take this even further, with a decent "unlocked skin inventory" at the game startup, you could even have special skins unlocked by game accomplishments (like surviving for a long period of time)
I just found a similar discussion regarding this at https://www.survius.com/forums/thread-15...ght=unlock

What do you think can change?
I think individual decent skins are far better than a bunch of ugly shirts. People usually see a skin they like and get it. I have the entire collection of skins unlocked and I've only used 2 of those (the camo and the police shirt) and I only regurlarly use only one of those. So quality over quantity.
And the assumption that the donations would drop if the skins were splited out, I think it's true if you have shit tier skins split up into individual shit skins. But if you have decent skins, themed outfits, then having them being "exclusive" and "unique" is a plus.
If I like a skin, I unlock it, if a new skin came out 3 months later and I like it even more or I wanna switch it up, I will also get it.

But currently the way it is setup is very rigid, you basically donate $5 and become some sort of vip. Ideally we want to have two separate interfaces:
- One is the catalog of available skins (each specifying the donation goal to unlock it)
- the other interface is the player skin inventory. So skins would be tied to the player by their id or whatever.

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