Noob question
Thanks a lot for the explanation, with several attempts I was able to build a second floor just properly fine.
Hello guys I'd like to ask some more questions if you don't mind.

1) I would like to know if an obstacle can be detroyed from other players?

2) How do I hide a dead body? I keep press [E] but nothing happen, also who is John Doe?  

3) I built a plant near my house but I don't understand now what should I do with it? Should I wait for it to ripen to bear fruit?

Many thanks in advance.
check out this helpful guide an old player (DTOM?) made:
Thanks a lot, this guide was very helpful and it answered a lot of questions, thanks a lot for sharing.

I still didn't find anything on how to hide a dead body.
It's bugged you normally just click hide body.
Ok I was just wonder to make sure if that was bugged or not because nothing happen when clicking on a dead body.
Normally only zombie bodies can be hidden, not player ones. But there are no zombies in game this version.
I understand now, thanks a lot for the info. I never tried in the past versions to hide a dead zombie, I wish they'll be back.
We have heard it's fixed in the next version, let's wait for it to come out as soon as possible
This is an amazing news, I either hope that it will come back as soon as possible.

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