Base Raiding Idea
The simple explanation of this is door breaching. You can break open a door, get into a base, and loot it. And now to go into further detail...

In order not to favor PvP over base building, a few things should happen (I'll explain the logic later in the post):
- Offline player raiding is NOT allowed
- Your base is still raidable 5-10 minutes after logging off
- Breached doors lose their door and are just a doorway (it need to be repaired)
- Walls and foundations can not breached

In order to raid a base, you will need a new tool (we'll call it the Ram). Next you simple go up to a door and click it like you're chopping wood.

Breaching a door shouldn't take too long, but it should be long enough that the owner can defend the base. So, maybe 10 hits with each hit taking 3 seconds (30 seconds per door). The count will also reset if you stop hitting the door (multiple people don't make it faster).

Offline Base Raiding:
The reason for not allowing offline raiding is to prevent bases from becoming obsolete. It's common in games with offline raiding for you to build a big base or loot a lot, and come back to nothing in the morning.

Bases have become a safe area in the game, and I think they should stay safe areas when you're offline. There's no reason to to make players feel required to stay online all day to keep their base safe, and bases can still be raided after they've decayed enough.

Offline Buffer:
This will keep players from logging out to stop a raid that's about to happen or has started.

The reason for only giving players 5 minutes is because the map is small and easy enough to navigate. Players can usually make it across the map in 5 minutes, and I shouldn't be able to see someone logout, run back to my base, grab my raiding gear, and run all the way to the other player's base to raid it in the offline buffer window: players should be rewarded for being ready to raid, not for just being online.

This should be enough time for a player ready to raid to get to the offline player's base, and bust down a few doors.

Breached Doors:
Doors you breach shouldn't be closeable, otherwise you'll have someone online trap you between the door you breached, the one in front of you, and shoot you to death.

Walls and Foundations:
Raiding should be for resources/loot, it shouldn't be to destroy bases. The base may not be very safe or secure once done with, but it should still be repairable and resemble the same structure it was at the start.

Allowing all parts of a base to be destroyed will promote PvP since bases are pointless to have since a few players can come and destroy it. Players should build a huge base and login the next day to find it completely destroyed.
Ideally, a raiding system will be the fruit of a decent crafting system.

Let's say you have low level materials, those you gather in the environment around you, from them and using primitive tools you are able to make more advanced materials (level 1), and from these you could make more advanced tools...and so on and so forth and at some point in the hierarchy (possibly the highest point) you should be able to craft an expensive and costly raiding item that could destroy one item at a time. (so people will make more honeycombs and airlocks and doors around their actual base)

It'd be nice indeed that the process of raiding could only be initiated if an owner of the base or clan member is online.

However the question is : what about people able to wall up your entire base while you're offline ? Even worse if they do that with unbreakable items.

Another issue that exists, is the fact that items are currently either 5/10 sec breakable or unbreakable at all. So will have to think about the durability of items more thoroughly.
There could be more and less advanced items to make base raiding faster or slower, but there is a lack of things to use to craft with right now, so aside from a wood, stone, and metal ram, there isn't much else you could use. Perhaps the axes could be used, but I like the idea of picking between the ax and ram when going out (having the ax take double the time to breach a door would probably work).

I don't quite understand what you mean by walling up a base? Players can already build a base around your base, that's totally fine; but there a features to prevent building on or right next to someone else's base, so that sounds like abusing a bug.

I'm not sure what you mean by item durability? Items we use don't have durability, and objects we place sort of do. If you mean items getting durability, sure, but that's a separate topic; if you mean doors keeping their ram progress when you stop, I prefer them resetting so raiding is harder, but that's something that would need testing.

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