Community Manager Update
It's been a long time since the Survius Community has been addressed. I didn't know what to say, but I think it's been long enough.

A few points to state about which factors brought up this thread of mine:

1) Activity in the community and the game is drastically low, almost close to 0
2) The game is currently unplayable and out of context due to fundamental bugs (like lack of zombies)
3) The developer and the community manager is AWOL for quite a long time

So it's fair to acknowledge what people has been saying, "The game is dead". But personally I do not believe that, I believe the game development is just suspended due to personal issues and real life obstacles. This has been stated innumerable times that this is not a commercial project, it's an indie game made by a single man for a hobby for something to learn. Chaozz himself said it was never his goal to finish the game by himself. So, technically, no one is to blame for the development process to halt temporarily. 

I haven't heard from Chaozz for some time. But I'm certain he's busy with his real life job, family and life. At the same time it is impossible for me to currently stay active and play my role as the community manager not only because Chaozz is AWOL, but more importantly I'm under a lot of pressure from real life problems too. 

So I'm officially on a leave now from today, hopefully one day, we all will be back again. But till then, the players will be playing the game, the admins will be administering you, the forums will have it's threads, and the community will be running as it was. 


1) When will the game developer/development/update rolls outs be back?
Ans: As soon as Chaozz decides to or is free again.
2) When will you (Me) be back?
Ans: As soon as I decide or am free again, the game needs Chaozz more than I do right now, so it's fair to say as soon he's back, I'll follow soon enough.
3) Is the game server/forums/discord going to be shut down?
Ans: Absolutely not, this thread is just an acknowledgement of me currently officially staying away, nothing else.
4) Will the current admins keep playing their role?
Ans: Of course, they are admins like I am, and as long as they're here, the community will be managed by them like it was.

Hopefully we meet again soon,

Till that day, adios
Thanks DarkCoder for all you've done for us and the game, I hope everything becomes less hectic soon. Really looking forward to an update from chaozz also. 

For players, the current in-game admins are myself, Naji88, FatalKitten and Neegan (who currently has little time also), and forum admins are Mohenjo Daro and TheRoam. You can still contact any of us here or on Discord with any questions or problems you have and we'll do our best to help.
This game still has potential, and it is still getting a dozen new players each day. But they rarely stay, because the beginner's gameplay is broken and it has been eversince toolbox has be introduced to somehow make the crafting more difficult (it broke it). It was a hack and the dev has been winging it for the last couple years. This last update introduced wolves which everyone loves to hate on, because they are intrusive, don't deaggro, spawn in front of you, at a high frequency and new players suffered even more from them.

My point is, it's not about the dev coming back to hack another update, but whether he's gonna come back to do the necessary thinking and development that are required. This game might have been started for fun and excitement, but that's not what's gonna keep it maintained after those feelings wear out (which I think is what happened with the dev). Either way, the dev must make a statement, as he has a life, so does the remaining active admins and players.
i dont know about others but as for me this game has a ton of potential and if the dev doesn't have time maybe we have some people in the community that can help progress the game as for me as of oct 28 i will be starting my game design degree field and i would love to work on/intern on a game i would love to see go somewhere aka survius
@Darkcoder, I was too immature to understand, just when I started in mid-2016 how important you were to the community, and today I see everything you went through and I admire him, as soon as I started playing you were already an active participant, and seeing how things are going makes me deeply sad, because this is a game that I had a lot of hope that would evolve, but it didn't happen, we had a lot of changes, yes, but none of them so much impactful that it was able to attract more players and the more important of all ... keep them actively playing, I understand that Chaozz's life may be being their highest priority, obviously, but I believe that keeping this game active will be much more detrimental to us players as it feeds us the expectation and the hope of something we will never be able to see, which is the final work. But I believe that he can take 2 alternatives, shut down the server completely and so we stop deluding ourselves with a game that will never go out of alpha, or sell it to someone who has the time or a development team and availability to finish it. I am sorry for the words my friends, but it is just an outburst and my humble opinion.

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