[Accepted] Satanais Ban Appeal
Username: Satanais
Server: SA1
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): No
Admit to the offense? (yes and what/no): Yes, I had a program on my computer called a cheat engine
Other comments:
I had a program on my computer called a cheat engine, I used it for offline games, I already deleted the program and people apologize for what happened, I really want to play Survius again, help me, please breathe me!

 I really like to play Survius, I created my base, I collected many things and I called my brother and friend to play with me, but I was banned.
you know I didn't use the hack program on survius, my game has nothing changed.
I had difficulty posting on the forum, I do not speak English, believe me, if I am accused of hacking again, can give me definitive ban

[Image: pae47h][Image: pae4ef][Image: pae52r]
You were banned because the anticheat detected that you were speedhacking. It wouldn't ban you for having cheat programs installed on your computer unless you're using them while you play the game. 

We're lenient towards players banned for the first time but it helps to take responsibility for your actions.
I admit I made a mistake, but I won't make a mistake again, I ask for a CannialHero vote of confidence. Thanks for answering me and I found you very attentive and careful with the game, this is very good! Thanks.
If you forgive me I accept a term, if I get caught again by anticheat you give me permanent ban!

It was not worth it, I no longer think of using any kind of fraudulent program, I am sorry and eager to play ..

The program Cheat Engine has speedhack, for lack of a vehicle this seemed a good idea to migrate from one city to another, but I didn't think it would interrupt my game to the point of being banned, otherwise I would not regret it a lot, I'm a fair player, trust me, I don't want to be without playing Survius

I was very foolish and I'm embarrassed, I apologize to all of you!
Thank you for your Appeal!

Currently, the admins are looking into it. Please give it less than 24 hours.

Thread Closed, Status changed into Pending
The admins have reviewed your appeal and came to the decision that the appeal was Successful!

You are unbanned from the game
Reason: Admin vote
However, failure to abide by the rules next time will directly get you banned,
Status changed to ACCEPTED

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