spawn point
when u die by a wolf u respawn at the same place the wolf killed u
the days alive do not reset at zero but stay the same
did you have a tent or a sleeping bag where to spawn? I've been killed by a wolf and appeared in my tent and had to go back to my corpse to get my items. Maybe not having the sleeping point triggers the bug
i have a sleepbag in my tent
sorry in my base lol Smile
I tried it with/without a tent, could'nt recreate. If anyone can recreate it please post it here, I'll try with a SB later
Happened to me aswell.

I had a tent.

Died to a wolf when I was reloading. I was also hungry and thirsty. full inventory.

Respawned, not in my tent but where I died, my backpack was empty, I had a couple items, and I was hungry and thirsty and half my health.

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