At the moment, dying seems to make no sense, at least to me. That is, I don't need to collect food / water / medicine, because I just need to have a sleeping bag and I will reappear at my base. Like Neegan ™, lately my construction technique is "CHOP, DIE and REPEAT ™".

Therefore, I was thinking of alternatives of punishment at death:

-Loss some items that the player carries in his backpack.
-That the sleeping bag has durability, say 3, and each death of the player subtracts 1, when exhausted, it will disappear, forcing the player to create another.
-Reappear as a zombie, forcing the player to find who kills him, so he can return as a human.

Other ideas?
For the sleeping bag idea, the decay and respawn system could be combined so each death will require you to repair the bag one day earlier (2 deaths = 2 days earlier, and so on). This would make the system easy to understand, and not require a ton of cloth to make a new one (punishing newer players less), but still be punishing.

There was a leveling system talked about awhile ago, and dying could reset some of those slightly if it was ever added.

Other than that, I'm not really sure how to punish players for dying without it being a turnoff for new players.

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