Enhancing PvE
So I'm thinking since there is a lack of players, one way to keep people playing and therefore new players joining to the server not being empty (and therefore potentially increasing player numbers) is by improving PvE experience.

And here, I don't mean adding new mobs (that makes it even harder for new players!!).

There are multiple ways to go down this route, my suggestions are the following:

Some kind of NPC(s) that buys large quantities of wood and/or scraps for some kind of currency (silver, for example)
Also sells some items, rare things, unique stuff or even random things. can also sell those big guns people keep suggesting for an expensive amount. Also, stock/demand can be limited which could make it challenging and creates tension.

This new aspect can open up a new grind: that of getting rich! 

Not only that, but that will also encourage people to pvp to steal others' silver.

Simple suggested implementation:

A dummy npc inside a unique building (or multiple ones in different specific places) that is available at daytime.
Interaction: a simple GUI that shows what is for sale and what is for purchase.
Transaction: a container next to the npc will hold the items to be sold (can also spawn things that are bought or maybe spawn them in the player's inventory directly). System will check if the content of the container meets the requirements for a specific transaction and will issue the transaction to whoever initiated it.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea!
I think it's a great idea sha1. I know that chaozz has talked about adding trader NPCs in the past so he definitely considers it a possibility. 


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