Version 0.12.4 Bug Reports
(08-18-2019, 06:49 AM)DarkCoder Wrote: Seems like stuff stored in tents are not saved. Added it as Need confirmation. Someone please verify

Not really a tent issue. But sometimes you store stuff and boom nothing was saved. I believe it's a packet loss issue.
One of the well known causes for that is someone logging-in, i.e a TCP connection possibly using up bandwidth and possibly causing UDP packet losses.

Another aspect of this is when someone dies they'll be nothing in their dropped backpack even if they had full inventory (happened to me few days ago with 2 people I killed and myself after suiciding) . Possibly the same cause.
Today I emptied my clip on some guy who tried to betray me inside one of the tent in military base. we were both inside the tent, standing couple feets away from each other. He shot first, no hit, I shoot back, he was standing still, no hit when I expected him to ragdoll, so I proceed to shoot everything at him, while he is running next to me in a straight line, no hits. quite a disgusting experience if you ask me.

This is likely to be linked to the networking issues that the game has: You might transfer multiple stuff to a box or a tent, and nothing will save. And you might aswell shoot all your bullets and nothing will save. Your body once you die or someone else dies might drop your backpack with none of your stuff in it, or it might not drop a backpack at all !

-Helicopter doesn't seem to have sound at times when it's raining.

-In case it wasn't documented here before, the sky bugs out after the first rain and remains as a greyish sky (without the rain). For example you can hear the sound of the night but the sky is still greyish. Gets fixed once you relog, bugs at the first rain.
not exactly a bug but a blatant mistake in my opinion:

the fact that you can bind ONE key to MULTIPLE actions. This is the source of that rapidfire xbows that was used and abused by some to shit on everyone else. You just shouldn't be able to do MULTIPE THINGS at the same time by hitting ONE BUTTON. And as long as you can there is no way you can truly predict the outcome of such a weird option.

For example, you can circumvent the "aiming" mechanism, literally no point in aiming at all since you can aim and shoot at the same time by binding both aiming and shooting to the same key.

This needs a fix, one of the strong points of this game is that it makes pvp difficult. Aiming then shooting is a smart mechanism, but there is no point of it if you can just bind both to the same key.

An action can have a primary and a secondary, a key should only be bound to one action. When I press X button, I shouldn't be able to do Action1 and action2 and so on at the same time!!!
big invisible tree hitbox: I also cant get closer to it. something is blocking.

could be that type of tree only but worth checking which trees are scuffed and which are not.
To explain the tree issue, since trees use a spire of ground for what you can hit, any tree model that curses will have this issue to a varying degree
The bug reporter is live again and the URL has changed. Please report bugs there for easier management
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