Admin Applications 2019
As a new update with exciting new features is on the way hyping the community, we've decided to roll out the admin applications yet again. So buckle up, check the ink on your pen and start filling the responses up. 

The deadline is 31st July 2019 and new admins will be announced on 1st August 2019 (Unchanged until further notice)

Everyone from old veterans to new enthusiasts are welcome. But of course the applications will be reviewed and applicants chosen based on activity, records and the actual response, by chaozz himself.

Good luck! Feel free to message any of the current admins, chaozz or me for any further questions.
Two more days guys, Fill it up or tell a friend who should. We'll proceed to the next stage once we get enough applicants.

Good luck again!
The applications are formally closed. However, we need some more time as we process the applications. Hopefully the new admins will be announced soon within next Sunday. Stay tuned and sorry for the delay.
still no new admins??
No answer yet, I'm disappointed too ...
It's been two whole weeks. I'm really sorry for making you wait so long, real life got in the way and also processing the applications took some time.

However, the result is now here. Now not many people applied for the adminships, two of our admins also left the game, and the playerbase is unfortunately a bit inactive currently. However i believe we will soon have an active community as exciting new updates are on it's way.

For now, I have only selected one of the applicants. The new admin is FatalKitten.

FatalKitten was an ex admin of Survius. Considering her previous experience and activity in game, we have decided to give her a chance again. So welcome back to the team.

(If anyone has any questions/conflicts regarding the application process, feel free to contact me here or in Discord)

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FatalKitten ok she is good Smile
(08-15-2019, 01:05 PM)zimmi1010 Wrote: FatalKitten ok she is good Smile

Aww thank you Zimmi Smile

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