Sick of this shit
There's an anti-cheat because the developer paid to use one, but in a developing game no anti-cheat is going to catch everything, because the game is constantly evolving and most independent devs don't have a massive budget to spend on cheat protection. That's why we have alpha testing, to know what is and isn't working properly, including possible exploits, and what could be improved, and why it's important for every player who wants the game to succeed to engage in that testing.
zimmi ... I believe that "anti-cheat" works very well yes ... but it seems that it only reacts when using some type of hack "... the" bugs "of the game are not" hack "... I may be wrong about all this, but I think it makes some sense ... I'm just a noob
english plz
(07-07-2019, 01:17 PM)zimmi1010 Wrote: english plz

eu arranjei

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