[Denied] jhonny_kratos Unban request - Sorry chaozz
User Name: jhunnyor 
Server: SA1 
Do you think this was a fake ban? (Yes and why not):. 
NO ... Actually, I abused a game bug discovered by me and I'm aware of the mistake I made. I should have reported the bug and I'm sorry for that. I thought I would not come here to make an unban request and would stop playing. but despite the game and chaozz, I come here to leave my sincere apologies for what I did. I always accepted the game the way it is and your mistakes never bothered me. I think it's the differential of the game Smile .
 I apologize for what I did and ask for a second second chance. because the other times I was banned were not for abuse of the bug.
. I miss everything and all of you. and everyone who knows me in the game knows that I would not do anything to disrupt the game. but on the contrary, I like to help new players and I've always been friends with everyone I've ever fought. more than anyone else I want to see this game finalized and published for all the continents.
I would feel bad not to be part of this job when it is officially launched. I hope I can come back soon, I miss you so much ... by: jhunnyor the noob
Thank you for your Appeal!

Currently, the admins are looking into it. Please give it less than 24 hours.

Thread Closed, Status changed into Pending
The admins have reviewed your appeal and came to the decision that the appeal was Unsuccessful!

You can make an appeal again in one month after 25th July, 2019
Status changed to Declined

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