i cant enter the game?
i have verified my account and everything, but when i try going into the game it dosent work saying the account and password is invalid  Angry
What account name are you using? I don't see an account called 'draguned' in the database.

Forum accounts and game accounts are also separate, so creating an account for the forum won't allow you access to the game. To create a game account use this link: https://game.survius.com/account/
oooohhhhhh ok thx

im going to try and make one now but is it supposed to take a long time to create?

i cant even create a game account? it takes like 6 minutes to load and doesent make an account it keeps saying ERROR: We were unable to send an email.
I confirmed the error and passed it along to be fixed, sorry about that and thanks for reporting it.

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